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Run for your life
Make your way out the city
Here come the one and the only werebeaver

Where are we going, we've got to get out
make our way out of the city right now
the sky has turned red and the fire rains down
at the site of his evil like, beaver like mouth
this aint a song it's a warning to ya'
put down the mayonnaise and drop the tuna
go and grab a couple of them beers out of the cooler
this is the real shit it's not a koopa Jr
This ain't Duane I'm an alien inside his Body
With a message to the kids please stay away from the potty
the minute you go poop, he'll snap and bite your wang off
even if you're standing, don't get icky with the back talk
Damn he broke the water, screw breaking the damn
with a flap of his tail he'll take out Japan
Shoot lasers at you, make his retinas
Hey, quit staring Dave we've gotsta go

Run for your life
Make your way out the city
Here come the one and the only werebeaver
Armed to the teeth, with his teeth
he'll take down a tree
He's the one and the only werebeaver

If seeing's believing than eye's are deceivers
deceivers, or way to much smoke of the refer
there's a really big beaver and he's busting a step
leaving a trail of incest and death
I'll take 10 deep breaths and I fuel the jet
Call him snaggle tooth and exit, Uh
Stage left
I jump in the ride
with DAZ at my side
and flow that mofo, almost into a grind
we're hitting these bumps
straight into some jumps
but that toothy little bastard man he's still keeping up
he's about to attack when I figure that
way in the back yo I think there's a mallot
Duane you should grab that and give him a whack
yo Dave, where's it at?
look under the mags...
Dude I'm not touching that
You'd better jump in that stack
or that little critters gonna have us for snacks
Ah snap


from Bro​-​Bot, released June 23, 2013
Danger Dave - Vocals
8-Bit Duane - Vocals, Instrumentation
Mr. Luck - Hype



all rights reserved


Bro-Bot Flint, Michigan

Bro-bot has built a reputation on professionalism and audacity. With a sound that unique they could play anywhere, to any crowd: jam-pack an open mic, beat up a battle of the bands, make metalheads dance, cause hip-hop heads to thrash out.

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