In the club (Sandwich)

from by Bro-Bot



Here's my song up in the club
I don't get it but the party does
turn it up and make some noise
gotta to ill like the beastie boys
Now dance... dance...
dance... dance...
Like you've got fire ants in your pants... dance
It's always a party at the bro-bot show
get your hair and make-up on and lets go
The dance floor is rocking like a godzilla's stomping in
because he heard us rocking the block
and so much beer, you'll need a bro to drive to drive home
but we don't though, we've got the Bro-bot yo'
ladies I'm married you'd better behave
puttin' this song up in your head for days
my throat's going out I need a shot to save it
so you'd better get ready for Dave

When I hit the stage, these girlies go in a rave
shouting out chants for Danger Dave
Straight insane the way we rock
Even your Granny is on our jock
Red cup set to overflow
Johnny Vegas and superman's yo
ain't no party like a bro-bot party
you know we the shit straight from the potty
four loco slamming in the parking lot
taking these shots till they call the cops
bust inside and do more shots
I'm slurring my words while I spit my game
sound like a wookie, out of my brain
so drink, drink
dance, dance...

Back in action in full effect, it ain't a banana my dicks erect
High five's from the front to the back of the bar
that's how dedicated to fans we are
Got a brew in my hand 3 shots to go
Danger Dave is going to call in sick tomorrow
bumping it so loud the speakers will explode
and kill everybody like the Great White show
now burn... Ahhh...
Burn... Ouch
Sorry everybody, I've got a big mouth
I'm gonna fill it with alcohol now
If we're lucky my ass will pass out
Sorry Dave, Long day

Ready for a round 2, a case of brews
All lit up and tipsy too... All lit up and tipsy too
All lit up and tipsy too
Making my way to where the drinks be at
I'm looking for those nymphomaniacs
me and my clique will drink you under a table
me and my dick are willing and able
to beast that beauty like it's a fable
top of the game when I hit the spot
ain't no stopping till the panties
Come on girl give me one more shot
I'm not Han Solo cause I don't shoot first
doing shots trying to clench this thirst
Call me DD but I ain't about driving

Do the Robot...


from Bro​-​Bot, released June 23, 2013
Danger Dave - Vocals
8-Bit Duane - Vocals, Instrumentation
Mr. Luck - Hype



all rights reserved


Bro-Bot Flint, Michigan

Bro-bot has built a reputation on professionalism and audacity. With a sound that unique they could play anywhere, to any crowd: jam-pack an open mic, beat up a battle of the bands, make metalheads dance, cause hip-hop heads to thrash out.

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