Dance to the Rhythm

from by Bro-Bot



8-bit Duane, that's my name
I'm in a different band now but that's okay
Tell the princess that I'm on my way,
Oh, wait Danger Dave, this ain't a video game
Real life Torjam and Earl
Somebody call superman, we're taking over the world
I'm going to hit you in the face with my transformers thermos
then I'm going to feed you peanuts just in case you're allergic
Don't be nervous, I don't want to get detention
I only talk like that for attention
Either way, I'm going to break out and kill this track
every time I grab the microphone, I'm gonna attack it like...
Just like a punch to the face, put my cape on and fly through space
you need to double tap those dudes just in case
that ain't a zombie that's a crack head at a circle K

Dance to the rhythm...
Dance, Dance, to the rhythm
If you ain't got your dancing shoes then go get em'
Where's dave? I think a vampire bit him
If I see him Imma hit em
Say jump to the beat
Jump, jump to the beat
Doing crazy things just to move your feet
Tell Duane I just stole a seat front row at the show man
Isn't it sweet

Danger Dave is the name of the game
kind of like ET but I'm not that lame
at least I think, think, think
thought, thought
Ain't met a Pokemon I haven't caught
Ain't met a hero click that ain't been bought
Aint met a sensei that ain't been taught
How to kung fu like I'm bout to do
My favorite color's green, how about you?
We'll mines blue
That's still cool, Imma still trade my lunch with you
after school we'll go to my crib
and play with my gobot collection
Chorus - Out


from Bro​-​Bot, released June 23, 2013
Danger Dave - Vocals
8-Bit Duane - Vocals, Instrumentation
Mr. Luck - Hype



all rights reserved


Bro-Bot Flint, Michigan

Bro-bot has built a reputation on professionalism and audacity. With a sound that unique they could play anywhere, to any crowd: jam-pack an open mic, beat up a battle of the bands, make metalheads dance, cause hip-hop heads to thrash out.

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